Victor George Williams (1915-1943)
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Victor Williams (1915-1943)
See photographs of the ship that my
grandfather served on in WWII -
HMS Exeter.
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You are visiting a genealogy site of Sean & Stacey Williams.
This site serves as the online repository for all the family history research that we have undertaken over the last 10 years.
We have researched our Williams family back to a James Williams born around 1782 who lived to 100 years of age. He claimed in census records to have been born in Jamaica, but we have found no proof to substantiate this.
Jane Martha Williams
Details of Stacey's genealogy includes convict ancestors, John Sherwood and Anne Lane.

Most of the details for the Sherwood family in Australia was derived from Geoff Sherwood's book - Sherwood Ancestry in Australia.
John Sherwood
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